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Rockin' Resort Weekender #4 | Header ORANGE

welcome to Rockin' Resort!

Rockin’ Resort is a concept conceived by three friends with a great passion for music and differs from other festivals as it takes place inside a hotel. The diverse range of bands, a vintage market,…and plenty of opportunity for dancing makes it interesting for a lot of people.

Before Rockin’ Resort, part of the same team organized another event for 14 years: Rockin’ at the Drive in Barn.

The location of the Best Western Nobis hotel in Asten, between Eindhoven and Venlo, is centrally located for visitors of the Benelux and attractively close for a big part of Germany and only at a 30-minutes drive from Eindhoven Airport. As a result, we also attract international visitors who like to take a longer trip because of the attractive line-up, the bands and dance room + the unique atmosphere.

At the Rockin’ Resort events we like to have a mix of well known bands and bands you probably have not seen yet.>

The bands and DJs each have their own room at the hotel.

For the bands there is the Kili Watch room. In the same room we also have the Fifties Market with a wide range of international vendors with various merchandise.

For the DJ’s and dancers there is the Kana Kapila room with a spacious dance floor.

For those who are hungry can satisfy their hunger at the hotel restaurant
or next to the hotel at the truck stop restaurant.
And for the thirsty among us, there is a bar in both the Kili Watch- and the Kana Kapila room . There is even an additional bar at the lobby, where the after party also takes place till….

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